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Aspirations for a quality environment continue to grow in Hong Kong as can be determined from the number of articles and letters to the editor in our local news. Recent judicial reviews related to the outcomes of recent environmental impact assessments also put a spotlight on the extent to which our community is interested in both the process and the outcomes of assessments, as these determine the way our city develops and how our environment is protected.

This trend is mirrored in the rising interest in corporate sustainability and the demand for greater transparency. Sustainability reporting is a key tool to communicate with stakeholders and drive performance in environmental, social and financial governance terms. However, much like any process, the reporting process is superfluous if it lacks substance or fails to cover what matters (in reporting parlence - ‘materiality’). For me, this is the essence of reporting, and a challenge that we are currently grappling with at BEC in preparing our first report. Much like any organisation what matters at BEC is the progress we are making to embed sustainability - this cuts across our effort to reduce our environmental footprint, our HR system enhancements, to our corporate governance and financial management. Sustainability reporting is a growing trend for businesses of all size and that includes NGOs such as BEC. We encourage you to follow our lead and would be happy to share our experience and expertise on gathering data and pulling together such a report.

Inside this issue we include some recent updates and a heads up on upcoming events and programmes – if you have anything you would like to share then please let us know, and we will be more than happy to oblige in future issues.

Warmest regards.

Dr Andrew L Thomson
Chief Executive Officer
Business Environment Council


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BEC Updates

BEC responded to the Legislative Council panel on Environmental Affairs Special Meeting

BEC was invited by the Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs to a special meeting held at the Legislative Council on 29 April. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the impacts of the development of nuclear energy for local power generation in Hong Kong.

With other major stakeholder groups such as WWF, The Climate Group, Greenpeace, Civic Party, Economic Synergy…Ms Agnes Li, Chief Operating Officer of BEC presented a collective view gathered from our members at the Legislative Council meeting. While BEC members recognised the need to de-carbonise Hong Kong’s fuel mix, they also expressed concerns in the areas of safety and security, a higher transparency of such information to the public, and a carefully devised crisis management plan. The full paper can be viewed here.

Once again, we thank you our members for their active input in this exercise and we will keep you posted on the latest development of this outcome.


Getting Ready for the Market with New Government Funding Injection
By Ms Suzanne Cheung | Head of Environmental Management

The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), since 1994, has supported many education research, projects and activities in relation to environmental and conservation matters. According to the submission from the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs, EPD planned to seek the Finance Committee’s approval for an injection of $500 million into the ECF in May 2011.

Out of the proposed injection, a new funding scheme worth $50 million will be established to facilitate housing estates to collect and recycle source separated food waste.

While only local non-profit making organizations are eligible to apply for this new funding scheme, ECF will reimburse the products and services required for the food waste collection and recycling.

Although the $50 million is a small amount in terms of market opportunities, the implementation of such funding scheme will jumpstart a demand surge on food waste collection and recycling industry in general due to higher demand from the society.

Our e-Flash’s Trend Column in January has mentioned there are potential opportunities related to the food waste management and now there is another reason to show that this is an opportunity you might not want to miss.

To provide more information on waste management trend and local initiatives, the upcoming workshop on 27 May 2011 is now over-subscribed.

Contributor: Ms Suzanne Cheung, Head of Environmental Management, BEC. Ms Cheung and her colleagues had extensive experience on waste management and had conducted various surveys and marking research on behalf of EPD, such as Study on a Waste Management Plan, Survey of MSW and Selected Waste Types by Source, Computer Automation of Waste Reduction and Monitoring & Evaluation Manual and Survey of Household Waste Recovery at Selected Housing Estates. One of their focuses is waste generation survey and recycling plan for individual companies.


BEC New Member

BEC warmly welcomes our new General Member to join this sustainable platform for businesses.

Tech-Trans System Limited – a member of the Hong Kong Network Application Group. Established in 1986, it focuses on promoting advanced information technology systems for retail operations, upgrading overall management quality, as well as improving the operation efficiency. Tech-Trans develop its own retail software, and used its software skill to integrate LED light wireless control with wifi, internet and environment sensor to effect better energy management.

BEC Initiative

CS4Schools reported by West Kowloon Take Me Home
“A group of secondary school students from Tai Po visited Sino Group’s Skyline Tower in Kowloon Bay. Hui Ka Sin, one of the students, said, “I am impressed by the roof-top garden. I could not imagine that commercial buildings can provide organic farming and greening areas.” After these students visited Skyline Tower, they need to write reports and spread the good nature of sustainability in their schools.” Take Me Home of West Kowloon #271, Hong Kong Economic Times (15 April 2011, P.28). To know more about CS4Schools, please click here for more details.

HSBC Living Business 2011
Continuing the previous success, the Business Environment Council (BEC), the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM) are pleased to support the HSBC Living Business 2011. The HSBC Living Business aims at helping local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) become more productive and profitable by incorporating socially and environmentally sustainable practices into their business operations.

The HSBC Living Business comprises an award scheme, an informative website, an ambassador scheme and a series of networking events. The award scheme is now open for applications until 15 June 2011. This is a valuable opportunity to share your success stories in environmental protection, community engagement and caring for employees, and promote your brand through participating in the HSBC Living Business 2011.

For further details, you are most welcome to visit the official page

Climate Change Business Forum
Low-carbon is an increasingly sought component of a company’s value proposition. Companies investing carbon reduction are looking for recognized standards that market will understand and value. Which standards have the most credibility? How difficult is the undertaking? What education do customers need, and how can this be distinguished from marketing? And – how and when is value captured?

This event will introduce two Hong Kong companies that have attained certifiable carbon standards. Global printing company Leo Paper has adopted a life-cycle assessment standard for the carbon footprints of one of its products. Paper merchant Polytrade has achieved carbon neutrality status for its corporate operations.

Please go to CCBF’s website for further information.


BEC Consultancy

Buildings and Energy Efficiency (BEE) Team

Continues to serve the industry
The BEE team continues to work conscientiously on over 160 BEAM contracts, which covers the whole life cycle from initial building design to stages after the tenants move in to the new buildings. Besides, the team is also performing energy or carbon audits, as well as BEAM+ preliminary assessment for the clients.

Corporate Sustainability (CS) Team

The CS Team possesses the professional know-how to incorporate CS to your company from beginning stage towards maturing stage.

Service Update
The CS Team will be providing carbon accounting service for KWP Quarry, our new General Member which operates the Anderson Road Quarry and is responsible for its rehabilitation. The service includes the identification and quantification of greenhouse gases (mainly scope 1 & 2 emissions) from KWP’s operations.

Environmental Management (EM) Team

The EM Team provides support to businesses in identifying and managing eco-footprints and offers strategic consultancy in achieving environmental excellence.

BEC Upcoming Events

Discovering Sustainable Light Solutions: Visit to MEGAMAN@ Showroom

Every company is striving for enhancing energy efficiency to reduce the operation cost and carbon footprint by adopting different technologies and solutions. An effective lighting system may be one of the many ways. Come join us to experience the latest LED lighting effect in various applications and you may explore the best eco-lighting solution to fit your business environment.

EnviroSeries Conference – Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Forum
Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Forum will be held on 30 September 2011 at JW Marriott Hong Kong. This conference will focus on the global trend of transportation network development and identify best practices in the industry. Latest innovations related to sustainable logistics and business opportunities will also be explored.

EnviroSeries Conference – Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Forum

Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Forum will be held on 30 September 2011 at JW Marriott Hong Kong. This conference will focus on the global trend of transportation network development and identify best practices in the industry. Latest innovations related to sustainable logistics and business opportunities will also be explored.


More Upcoming Events

2 June CCBF Members Visit to Hactl
20 June Members Visit to Eco Park
23 June Green Building Seminar (3 CPD Hours)
30 June What can Carbon Standards do for you company?

Please check out our event page for latest updates.

BEC Supports Events

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) - Sectoral Awards and Green Innovation Awards: Open for Application 8 April – 31 May 2011
Business Environment Council is one of the organisers of the HKAEE 2011. The Sectoral Awards of the HKAEE, striding into its fourth year in 2011, has become one of the most prestigious and reputable environmental awards scheme in Hong Kong. For eligibility, assessment procedures and application procedures of HKAEE Awards, please visit this link.

The Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region 25th Anniversary - International Construction Conference and Construction Services Exhibition on 2 - 3 June 2011
IFMA’S World Workplace ASIA 2011 on 21-22 June 2011
Knowledge of Design Week 2011 on 20 June – 24 June
Give and Gain Day 2011 on 24 June
Hang Seng - Pearl River Delta Environmental Awards 2010-2011 (Application Deadline: 31 July 2011)
ECO Expo Asia on 26-29 Oct 2011