November 2015

BEC Monthly Features

Submission on 2016 Policy Address

On 5 November 2015, BEC submitted a paper to the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR Government to provide recommendations for the 2016 Policy Address after consolidating comments offered by BEC Advisory Groups members and all BEC members. This paper included an overview of key challenges on various environmental issues in Hong Kong, and detailed recommendations covering BEC’s core advocacy areas.

This year our Policy Address submission is arranged to cover climate change; energy policy; transport and logistics; waste management; natural capital including biodiversity, water and air; green business and finance; environmental, social and governance reporting and performance; and the Harbourfront Authority. The full paper is available at

BEC Supports ENB’s Charter on External Lighting

The Environment Bureau (“ENB”) will launch the “Charter on External Lighting” (the “Charter”), aiming to help minimise light nuisance and energy wastage problems that may be caused by external lighting installations in Hong Kong. The Charter will commence operation in April 2016. BEC is invited by the Government to support the Charter and is pleased to sign the Charter.

BEC members are invited to join the Charter to pledge to switch off lighting installations of decorative, promotional or advertising purposes which affect the outdoor environment during the preset time from either 11:00pm to 7:00am or midnight to 7:00am. The participating organisations are also encouraged to adopt the good practices set out in the Guidelines on Industry Best Practices for External Lighting Installations when planning for or managing their external lighting installations. The Government will organise a series of publicity programmes to promote the Charter. Signatories that sign up to the Charter before 10 December 2015 will be invited to attend the launch ceremony to be held on 11 January 2016.

Please click here for details of the Charter and the reply form. For more information on external lighting, please email to

BEC Upcoming Events

26 November 2015: BEC Leadership Networking Series

The upcoming event invites Mr Michael Chan of DSA Company Limited to talk about how the smart use of glass contributes to sustainable low energy buildings. He will also share how glass plays an important role in saving energy with proven real life examples. Mr Tony Ip of Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong) Limited will talk about the contributing factors of sky gardens in promoting health and well-being of urban living. In addition, he will highlight the upcoming trend of sky gardens in residential high-rises and share case studies in Hong Kong and Singapore.

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms Joey Hui (T. 2784 3958 | E. or visit BEC website (


27 November 2015: BEC EnviroSeries Conference - “Eco-innovation in the Transition to a Low Carbon and Resource Efficiency Economy”

The upcoming BEC EnviroSeries, which covers the topics in relation to eco-innovation, will be held on 27 November 2015 at JW Marriott Hong Kong.

Hong Kong ranks 11th on a recent Global Innovation Index covering 141 economies globally. How is Hong Kong performing in terms of eco-innovation? The transition to a low carbon sustainable economy brings considerable business potential to develop new products and implement new technologies. What is the role of Hong Kong Government in supporting and accelerating eco-innovation? How can the business community work together to grasp these opportunities?

The Conference will bring together industry experts, policy makers, business leaders and academics to discuss and explore innovative solutions and technologies that can reduce carbon footprints, save energy and increase resource efficiency in buildings and transport, as well as facilitate sustainable development of our city and contribute to the strength of Hong Kong’s economy.

For event details and registration, please visit BEC website ( For enquiry, please contact Ms Phoebe Hung (T. 2784 3968 | E. or Ms Jill Chow (T. 2784 3942 | E.

3 December 2015: BEC Industry Visit to MTR Siu Ho Wan Depot

BEC will host a half-day visit to MTR Siu Ho Wan Depot located in Lantau Island. Throughout the visit, participants will be able to learn more about behind-the-scene works of the depot.

For registration and enquiry, please contact Ms Amy Ma (T. 2784 3960 | E.

16 December 2015: BEC Seasonal Cocktail

BEC will host the Seasonal Cocktail on 16 December 2015 for our members and friends to celebrate the festive season at BEC Headquarters. Invitations have been sent out to our members and guests. For more information, please contact Ms Jill Chow (T. 2784 3942 | E.

BEC News

BEC Participated in Eco Expo Asia 2015

BEC served as one of the supporting organisations of Eco Expo Asia 2015, which was held from 28 to 31 October 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo. BEC also participated in this 4-day exhibition and took the opportunity to introduce our attributes, vision and mission to business executives, industry practitioners and the general public. Secretary for the Environment Mr K S Wong visited BEC booth and was welcomed by BEC Chairman Prof John Chai, CEO Ms Agnes Li and other staff members.

On 29 October, BEC took the chance to hold the Waste Management Advisory Group (“WM AG”) meeting at the venue of Eco Expo Asia. BEC invited overseas exhibitors to share the latest waste management solutions and exchange views with WM AG members. After the meeting, a guided tour of the Expo was organised for WM AG members.

BEC Low-carbon School – Eco Expo Asia 2015 ‘Dialogue with the Secretary for the Environment’ and ‘Expo Guided Tours’

BEC organised 'Dialogue with the Secretary for the Environment' on 31 October 2015 during the Eco Expo Asia 2015. The event provided opportunity for over 400 students to express their views on the topic of low-carbon economy to Secretary for the Environment, Mr K S Wong. The students showed strong interests and raised various questions, making the discussions meaningful and inspiring.

On the same day, BEC also arranged ‘Expo Guided Tours’ for students to learn and explore the latest technologies and solutions in environmental protection including efficient low-carbon technology, waste management handling, environmentally preferred products and services, as well as green building technologies.

BEC Low-carbon School – Eco Expo Asia 2015, funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee, aims to further enhance the vision towards a low-carbon economy amongst the young generation, raise awareness of sustainability and promote green living. Apart from the above-mentioned events, the programme will also organise ‘School Winter Fun Fair & Seminar’ and ‘Inter-school Low-carbon Living Micro-film Competition’ in the coming months.

BEC welcomes secondary schools to take part in the programme. For further information, please contact Ms Joanne Chan at (T. 2784 3975 | E. or Ms Sze Yuen (T. 2784 3916 | E. or visit BEC website (

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Environment and Conservation Fund and Environmental Campaign Committee.

The Environment Bureau Unveiled the Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015

On 6 November, the Environment Bureau launched the Hong Kong Climate Change Report 2015, which outlines the joint efforts of the Hong Kong SAR Government and the key private-sector stakeholders in responding to climate change.

BEC welcomes the Government’s report and Mr Eric Chong, Chair of the Climate Change Business Forum Advisory Group of BEC, was invited to be a speaker at the launch event, discussing the challenges facing the private sector. Besides, Ms Danica Chan, BEC Senior Officer of Green Building and Indoor Quality, was featured in the report and shared her views on climate change.

The report has been uploaded to the website of the Environmental Bureau:

Click here to view the video clip of the launch event.

BEC Past Events

20 October 2015: “Climate Change: Crunch Time in Paris - What’s at stake in Paris? Prospects, Implications and Possible Outcomes”

The seminar aimed to raise awareness of the risks of a failure to reach an agreement on national commitments to combat climate change, to increase understanding of the potential outcomes of COP21, and discuss what business and the Hong Kong SAR Government could do to support a good outcome.

29 October 2015: BEC Leadership Networking Series

The October event covered topics relating to corporate sustainability. Mrs Shirlee Algire, Executive Manager, Sustainability, The Hong Kong Jockey Club shared the Club’s journey towards sustainability. Mr Mark Harper, Senior Manager – ESG Advisory of BEC, talked about the importance of making Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) disclosure. He also updated the audience about the latest development of ESG reporting with particular focus on Hong Kong market.

30 October 2015: BEC Industry Visit to MTR Tsing Yi Station & MEGAMAN® Showroom

At MTR Tsing Yi Station, MTR representatives provided an introduction of the company and a guided tour for participants to learn more about the daily operations of a MTR station.

The visit to MEGAMAN® began with a presentation of the company representatives, followed by a visit through the showroom. Participants were impressed by various lighting products which help save energy.

BEC Partnership Programme

BEC Biodiversity Ambassador Training Programme: Marine Biodiversity Conservation

In October 2015, BEC initiated its first advocacy programme on biodiversity conservation, entitled “BEC Biodiversity Ambassador Training Programme: Marine Biodiversity Conservation”. The Programme is funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee, and with the support from the Ocean Park Conservation Fund Hong Kong.

Staff of BEC members are welcome to join the Programme and become ambassadors to take part in various activities including the marine biodiversity conservation day, BEC Biodiversity Ambassador workshops, roving exhibitions on “Marine Biodiversity Conservation” and BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors’ sharing sessions.

For further information about the Programme, please contact Ms Sylvia Mok (T. 2784 3941 | E., or visit BEC website (

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Environment and Conservation Fund and Environmental Campaign Committee.

Information for BEC Members

Newly Published ISO 14001:2015 Sets Out Requirements for Environmental Management System

Since the International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) announced ISO 14001:2004 revision in 2012, the long-awaited ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use, was published in September 2015. As one of the most widely-adopted environmental management system standard, ISO 14001 has undergone its second revision to cope with the latest trends and remain relevant for the market. While ISO14001:2004 is still valid, organisations are granted with a three-year transition period to respond to the variation between ISO 14001:2004 and 14001:2015. Yet organisations are encouraged to acclimate to the new standard shortly for adaptation.

Organisations interested in implementing ISO 14001:2015, please contact Ms Sze Yuen (T. 2784 3916 | E. for more information.

Services for BEC Members and Companies

Venue Hire at BEC Headquarters

To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices, venues and facilities at BEC Headquarters are available for members and companies for organising events relating to environmental protection and sustainability. To know more about the rates and other details, please visit BEC website ( _Card_August2015.pdf) or contact BEC Events and Communications Team (T. 2784 3942 | E.

Green Technology Corner – Showcase at BEC Headquarters

The Green Technology Corner at BEC Headquarters offers opportunities for members to showcase their green technologies and products to business leaders and sustainability professionals. Please contact Ms Bonnie Ho (T. 2787 3951 | E. to secure the showcasing opportunity.

BEC IEE Training Courses

BEC Institute for Environmental Education ("BEC IEE") will organise various environmental training courses during December 2015 to January 2016 as follows:

Innovative Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Monitoring (4 December 2015) –
Traditionally, the IEQ assessment requires a pool of professionals, technical equipment and a series of complex numerical equations. A user-friendly IEQ benchmarking calculator mobile application has been developed to simplify the assessment process. By inputting basic information, users can have a preliminary idea of the IEQ of their building premises and benchmark against similar types of environment. This course covers the design, development and application of this innovative IEQ benchmarking calculator.

BEAM Plus Familiarisation Training for Contractors (6th Intake) (9 December 2015) – This course offers a comprehensive training covering the key areas that contractors need to know in order to manage their BEAM Plus responsibilities.

Towards Sustainability – Sustainable Building Management (2nd Intake) (8 January 2016) – Effective sustainable property management practices are very important for maximising efficiency on energy and water use in both new and existing buildings. This course offers up-to-date information and best practices on sustainable building management.

Best Practices for Energy Management (22 January 2016) – Hong Kong currently has over 40,000 existing buildings that account for 92% of total electricity demand in the territory. Good practices in energy management are necessary for reducing electricity consumption and save costs. This 3-hour course offers an overview on current practices for achieving effective energy management.

Visit BEC website now for outlines and schedules of BEC IEE courses. Please contact Dr. Veronica Chan (T. 2784 3937 | E. for registration and enquiry.

BEC Members Corner

Airport Authority Hong Kong Published its Sustainability Report 2014/15

Airport Authority Hong Kong (“AAHK”) published its third annual sustainability report entitled “Growing Together”, covering the fiscal year ending 31 March 2015. Together with the airport community, AAHK continues to contribute to the sustainable growth of Hong Kong International Airport, reinforcing the role of the airport as an important resource for the Hong Kong community.

The report details AAHK’s sustainability performance and management approach in the areas of economic contribution, airport growth, operational excellence, environment, and people and community. This report is prepared ‘in accordance’ with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines and the Airport Operators Sector Disclosures: the Core option.

The report is available at

Green Deck – An Innovative Solution to Enhance the Environment

Situated near the heavily-loaded Hung Hom Cross Harbour Tunnel, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (“PolyU”) has long witnessed environmental and social problems in the vicinity. PolyU has thus proposed constructing a “Green Deck” over the toll plaza of the tunnel to provide people with a green open space, covering 43,000 square metres, which can be used to accommodate a wide variety of recreational, cultural and sports facilities.

Further to a series of multi-disciplinary research and studies conducted by PolyU faculty members, it is considered that the "Green Deck" project is not only effective in improving the air quality, it will also bring extensive and long-term benefits to the community, for instance, increasing open space and providing convenient access to the nearby districts and Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront.

PolyU will hold a conference on “Green Deck” on 14 December 2015, with guest speakers from various professions including planning, engineering, transportation, tourism and green building to explore how best this innovative social project can move forward.

For Conference details, please visit

BEC Supporting Events

Date Event Organiser
19 September - 21 November 2015

Hong Kong Cleanup

Ecozine and The Nature Conservancy
24 November 2015

Global Leader Series Talk - The New World of Energy: digital, local, consumer focused and more sustainable

CUHK Business School
1 December 2015

CIWEM HK International Forum - Managing Metal Contaminants in Water Supply Systems

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management Hong Kong
3 – 5 December 2015

11th HKTDC InnoDesignTech Expo

Hong Kong Trade Development Council
5 December 2015

CEEAA 20th Anniversary Conference “Development vs Conservation: Is Engineering a Solution?”

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Association
12 December 2015

Hong Kong Youth Environmental Summit 2015

Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy
14 December 2015

Conference on “Green Deck”

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2014 – 2015

"Let's Save 10L Water" Campaign

Water Supplies Department, Hong Kong SAR Government
2014 – 2015

HSBC Water Programme for Industrial Water Management

Hong Kong Productivity Council
December 2015 – February 2016 2015-16 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Biennale Foundation, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Planners, Hong Kong Designers Association, Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture Organising Committee
13 – 20 January 2016

The Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) Program for Professional Certification

Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers
21 – 23 January 2016

Certified Carbon Auditor Professional (CAP) 3-Day Program for Professional Certification

Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers
2015 – 2016 Environmental Education Creative Competition 2015 Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong
2015 – 2016 The 6th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program Hong Kong Productivity Council