Climate change is one of the most urgent global challenges of our time, posing unprecedented threats to the well-being of people, communities, and businesses. Through the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the global community commits to limit global average temperature rise this century well-below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5°C. Hong Kong has acceded to the Paris Agreement and hence has an obligation to develop a long-term decarbonisation strategy. Being a key player in society, the business community also has a key role to play in Hong Kong’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

With the support of business leaders and the Environment Bureau, the BEC Low Carbon Charter has been launched since March 2019 to mobilise companies in the property and construction value chain to collectively contribute towards Hong Kong’s long-term decarbonisation through their pledge to set and achieve carbon reduction targets. The Charter has expanded since the beginning of 2020 to welcome companies from all sectors.

Riding on the success of the BEC Low Carbon Charter, we has further developed the BEC Net-zero Charter, which aims at mobilising companies and organisations to collectively contribute towards Hong Kong’s long-term decarbonisation journey through their pledge to set targets and actions for a net-zero future.

BEC will organise events regularly to support signatories and businesses in setting, operationalising, and achieving their emission reduction targets. Signatories will be invited to share their insights and experience in these co-learning activities. Besides, signatories are required to self-report their progress and achievements through a standard form once a year.

For the list of signatories of the BEC Low Carbon Charter, you may find the list via here

BEC Net-zero Carbon Charter

BEC Net-zero  Carbon Charter consists of two parts: Declaration and Commitment. Signatories can commit to either Action Signatory or Science-aligned Signatory under the Commitment section.  


Remark:  Related targets needed to be uploaded during the application process OR related targets should be submitted within the timeframe required by the category: 1 year for Action Signatory ;  2 years for Science-aligned Signatory.


As leading businesses in Hong Kong, we recognise that climate change poses an urgent and unprecedented threat to the well-being of people, communities, and businesses. Given such a threat, we firmly believe that Hong Kong must transition to a low-carbon economy aligning with the goals of the Paris Agreement to reduce climate-related risks,  to secure sustainable development and to collaborate for a net-zero future.

We recognise that setting targets and strategies to achieve them will be key in businesses’ decarbonisation journeys, to facilitate and operationalise action contributing towards Hong Kong’s transformation. Leadership in target setting and low-carbon practices represents opportunities to cut costs, drive innovation, and improve resilience. We recognise the importance for us to take swift, bold and collaborative climate action.

In support of this, we the undersigned, voluntarily pledge to step up our decarbonisation endeavours by committing to the actions set out below. We also call for the Government to take leadership, and all sectors to take joined-up action.



* SMART Targets stands for targets that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound, as also illustrated in HKEX’s Practical Net-Zero Guide for Business (p.19)

** For example: Near-term targets of Science Based Target initiative; Interim targets of ISO Net Zero Guidelines; Interim target of Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2050; UN Emissions Gap Report 2022.


 List by alphabetical order - updated on 3 Oct 2023



Action Signatories

Science-aligned Signatories

Active Energy Management Ltd

Airport Authority Hong Kong


Analogue Holdings Limited

Alliance Construction Materials Limited


ASEL Environmental Consulting Company Limited


Business Environment Council


Gammon Construction Limited


Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Champion REIT

Hongkong Land

CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited

Jinchat Climaveneta Hong Kong Co. Ltd.

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CityLinkers Group Limited

Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited

CLP Holdings Limited

A group of blue and white logos

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Ronald Lu & Partners

A blue and white logo

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CN Logistics International Holdings Limited

Shell Hong Kong Limited

A logo of a shell

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Computer And Technologies International Limited

Sino Land Company Limited

Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Company Limited) Swire Pacific Limited A black and brown text

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Dunwell Technology (Holdings) Limited

Swire Properties Limited

ESG Hong Kong Limited Worldwide Flight Services

Fook Tin Technologies Limited



FSE Lifestyle Services

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Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

A black and white sign with black text

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Hong Kong Housing Society



Hong Yip Service Company Limited    

Hysan Development Company Limited



Integrated Waste Solutions Group Holdings Limited



Kai Shing Management Services Limited



Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd.



Lan Kwai Fong Properties Limited